75 Bible Verses That Got Me Through Med School Exams

Well thought out, rich scriptures covering all circumstances, I totally relate. Good Post. May it bring healing and direction to those in the same place…

The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive

I must confess that during exams, I sometimes find myself spending less time with God.

Tired from hours of cramming, I start getting too tired to spend time with God after a long day’s work. I begin to lose my priorities. I unintentionally pack my days so full with study that there’s no room left for him. Before I know it, my usual routine of setting aside time for the Lord each day flies out the window. It’s not an intentional decision to turn from God… but an insidious process that happens when I lose my priorities in the face of looming barrier exams.

Library (derived from Flickr (Friar's Balsam) http://flic.kr/p/82ipB5)

But every year when this happens, one particular verse comes back to me and grabs my attention. It is a famous one which has been the recurring theme of my medical school life for the last five years:

Matthew 6:33-34
Seek first his kingdom and his…

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When all is said and done…

What is passion, what is drive, the  motivating force that gets you out of bed every day. The reason for breathing. A wise man once told me, ”if you can not zero in on that child, your life will by all means lose meaning”. When all is said and done, know what you are passionate about. It makes life easier and gives renewed purpose.

Simplicity is Me~by Jessabelle Autumn


Simplicity is Me

I’m not stunning nor I am pretty
For I believe in simplicity
I’m just someone you can call ordinary
But I do have a big heart lies within me

I have been in love and misery
Lived with the pain and agony
Lesson I learnt and it’s just a memory
And now it’s time for me to break free

I want someone who really sees me
Bring back my smile and I’ll be happy
For so long it has been buried
In the box of time I hid it secretly

And so I wait for the special one patiently
Someone that I will love dearly
Though I don’t own immortality
But my love and faith will stay strong eternally


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thoughts on thursday..

I have never pegged myself to be a writer, but Lord knows I love to read and I have read books all my life. For me books are an opportunity to travel the world but still  be in the comfort of my own room, see all sorts of places through the eyes of another; an outright adventure. The last book I have read was a journey back in time. Oh my what an experience! 2nd century AD Rome, there is just something about reading a well thought out book.  A book demonstrating in depth research and an intricately woven tale, drama, romance, and action  all rolled up into one. A good book is more than mere entertainment for a lazy afternoon it is food for the soul.

Here is the challenge, go and find yourself a book you would not ordinarily read, stretch yourself this one time and look for a rich book, you will be amazed at what you will find. That said let me go back to my book..

Holiday season….

December 1st, just 23 days before Christmas. As we make plans for the holidays remember the less fortunate people in our communities. Spread some cheer put something aside for the needy. Jesus is love and we celebrate the more when we show love to others. Think on his words today St Matthew’s Gospel 5 verse 46& 47 ‘if you love only those who love you what reward is there for that………..If you are kind only to your friends how are you different from anyone else?’

Worship his majesty

Take time and take in the beauty of the world around you and declare his goodness and glory. Our God and King shows his splendour every single day, worship his majesty, It seems that’s all nature does. Flowers bloom and blow in the wind, birds singing their tune, every bit of nature is worshiping in its unique way….